Closed until further notice. Damaged by Hurricane Maria on September 19th, 2017

La Bou Cottage is a truly amazing and unique Eco Cottage that has been somewhat damaged by Hurricane Maria.

It was previously For Sale for $290,000.00, but because the storm did considerable damage to the area and some to the cottage, the price is has been drastically reduced to only $250,000.00 or best offer. The cottage stands on 0.87 acre of slightly sloping land. The estate previously had three buildings, but unfortunately, the hurricane took the roof off of the BBQ building.The fireplace and the BBQ survived however and a simply galvanized roof can be rebuild in a matter of days.

This famous cottage has been featured in the Maco Magazine of last year. It was built by a Swiss Artist and his wife, who built is slowly over a period of three years.

In the above pictures, you can see the damage that was done to the nature around the cottage, as well as the little bit of damage that was done to the building. The damage amounts to nothing, really. The building is built like a fortress out of reinforced hand poured concrete fitted with rebar every 6 inches. The only damage done was done by tree branches hitting the roof line, which dented the corrugated metal roofing panels in the front.The roof of the BBQ building blew off and the furniture in that area was pretty much destroyed. A hole was made in the roof of the Birdhouse cottage by a falling tree. All three mattresses need to be replaced, since they all got soaked. The water tanks survived and are full of potable water. The solar system was destroyed and needs to be rebuild from scratch. The new Inverter and the generator need to be replaced, since both were submerged in deep water in the basement.

Anyone interested should go look at it. Any questions should be addressed to Mr.Arent Brink in Curacao at the e-mail address.